The schoolbuilding was built in the time of PrussianPartition. It was built in 1914-1915 and was soonopened as CatholicPrimary School. In 1920CatholicCommon School becamesevenclassesschool. Teodor Sowiński was itsrectorthen. On 31st August 1926 the school was dividedintogirls’ and boys’ parts. Jan Hoeffner and Kazimiera Miecznikowska wererectors of thesebranches. On the 10th anniversaryof independance, in 1928, a commemorativewhitemarbleplaque wasunveiled. Therewerewritten achores of the song ‘GodSave Poland’ ( the plaque was destroyedduring the war). In the schoolscouttroopswere run actively. Further development of the school wasinterrupted by the outbreak of World War Two. At the schooltherewerelocatedelectrotechnical and armindustryplants, and also a temporarycamp for displacedGermans.During the war, the occupiertookawayalmostall the equipment and schoolcollections.After the end of the war the buildinghad to be completelyrenovated. Thanks to commitment of theauthorities and Kościan society, the teaching insevenclassesstarted out on 15th February 1945. The firstschooldirectorswere Jan Masztalerz ( in February) and Walerian Jąder ( in May). In the meantime, the schoolbuildingwasrenovated and teaching aids weregained. Then canteen and doctor’s and dentalsurgerieswerealsoestablished. School library was beingextendedtoo. In 1948,when Ludwik Bebatook the head of the schoollibrary, the bookcollectionconsited of 780 items. Due to hisactivity,in 1952, the schoollibrary was considered as one of the bestlibraries in Poland and in 1975, when Ludwik Bebaretired, therewereabout 10 000 volumes. In the years 1950-1959 there was a hugegrowth in the number of students. It resulted in deterioration of teachingquality. Theteachingimprovement was noticed in 1959 when a newschool was built( currently School no.4). In 1968 The School Scouting was founded. In 1972 Zbigniew Reszke was a director of the school. Eightyearslater Janina Grygierreplacedhim. In 1983 School no. 1 was given a name of Gen Zygmunt Berling. Janina Grygier’ssuccessor was Iwona Bereszyńska. In 1994 a newgym was built. In 2004 Małgorzata Ratajczak became a director of the school. In recentyears the schoolbuilding was modernised, computerroomswereestablished, most of the classromms and corridorswererenovated. Break-in alarm system and video surveillancewerealsoinstalled. In schoolyear 2006/2007 Multimedia Information Centre was created in the schoolreadingroom.